Valerio Berruti
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La Giostra di Nina

Project curated by Monia Trombetta

A monumental installation at the MAXXI Museum together with a projection of an animated short film called La giostra di Nina:
approximately 3000 individual drawings put together sequentially and accompanied by music composed by Ludovico Einaudi and produced by SKY ARTE Italia.
with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte – Short Film Fund
main sponsor Lavazza

To be screened during the Rome Cinema Fest

MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts| from the 18th to 27th of October 2019 #LagiostradiNina

Rome, August 2019.La giostra di Ninais the name of the short film project created by Valerio Berrutiand composed of approximately 3000 individual drawingsput together sequentially to each become frames of a short film.
Friday October 18 at 6 PM– this special animated short film – produced by Sky Arteand with a sound track specially written by Ludovico Einaudi– shall have an exclusive preview screening at MAXXIin conjunction with the Rome Cinema Festand will be followed by a talk by the artist.
On the same day, in the atrium at the MAXXI Museum, the inauguration of the La giostra di Ninamonumental installationwill take place. The installation consists of a life sized carousel, an evocative symbol of childhood, measuring 7 metres in diameter and inspired by the traditional carousel, personally designed and shaped by the artist himself and onto which children and adults will be invited to climb up for a ride.
After the inaugural showing of the animated short film, it will be screened continually in the MAXXI video gallery and the life sized carousel will be on show to the public until October 27, 2019.

“La giostra di Nina is wonderful work of great beauty and sensitivity” says Giovanna Melandri,President of the MAXXI Foundation, “that evokes emotions and memories and helps cancel the distance between childhood and adulthood. It also addresses with great sensitivity some highly topical subjects like a fear of those who might appear as misfits and a need for inclusiveness, with a mosaic of languages that blend together art, cinema and music. I am most pleased that this work helps further enrich the cultural offerings freely available at our museum.”
“Valerio Berruti’s La Giostra di Nina, is a wonderfully suggestive work “says Antonio Monda, Artistic Director of the Rome Cinema Fest. “We are delighted to open the scope of the Rome Cinema Fest and to once again celebrate the dialogue between various artistic forms of expression”.

Thisanimated short filmis not a first for Berruti: we have his La figlia di Isacco, which he presented with rave reviews at the Biennale di Venezia in 2009 and his solo show entitled Kizunawith an original music score by Ryuichi Sakamoto which was exhibited at the Pola Museum in Tokyo in 2011. As an artist Berruti is noted for his frescoes which represent the innocence and simplicity of children suspended in an idyllic period of childhood which link a logical path to animation but, unlike with previous animated video works which were loop sequences, this new short film presents an articulated script which follows a story by Filippo Bessone. The characters are Nina, a young carousel fairground child who is forced to work by her surly grandfather and Geppo, a young man with a childlike soul who causes turmoil amongst the carousel customers of the town. In this short story told through this video, the provincialism, resignation and fear of outsiders transforms into a desire for revenge. It is indeed quite a first that children are not the only subjects of this work of art, and here they share the stage with one of the most iconic symbols of childhood: the carousel.

In the realization of this artwork, Berruti created a vast 7 metre in diameter work taking inspiration from the classical carousel and personally shaped and created every component, sculpting and decorating every fine detail. In the La Giostra di Nina, in place of the traditional horse shaped figures, these are replaced with small birds and symbols of daily life and freedom, side by side with characters ready to take flight. This monumental installation sculpture will be exhibited to the public in the atrium of MAXXI, allowing for all to admire it, listen to the Ludovico Einaudimusic score and to also take a ride on this work and be involved in a full immersion appreciation of this work. In the documentary which describes the backstage exhibition, Berruti explains that: “I wished to create a sculpture which allowed for the involvement of children at play and not one which was solely created to represent them. Children are part of this work, in a sort of collective performance kind of way. Each time the carousel starts up it will be a unique work, with differing emotions, sounds and spirit: a sort of performance generator.”

“I am delighted with this special project in the MAXXI Museum – says Valerio Berruti. Ever since my Arturo Galansino curated backstage exhibition in my hometown of Alba during the Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba, I have been looking for the ideal occasion whereby I can set up the La giostra di Ninacarousel and show my animated short film in the same setting. This exhibition at the MAXXI Museum in conjunction with the Rome Cinema Fest is the ideal location to discuss art and cinema and its related importance in the context of Italian contemporary art.”
“When Valerio first showed me his sketches of the project he had in mind, I was immediately enchanted by his poetic and communicative strength and began to fantasize” – says Ludovico Einaudi. “The carousel is a strong symbolic image and a fantastic idea for creative expression and inspiration. It immediately came to mind that I should create an accompanying music with a soul centred on a circular theme, like an infinite spiral.”

A special pop-up bookwill be published by Gallucci Editorefor this occasion and is to be named La giostra di Nina. The complex script shall be interpreted in a poetic prose by Chiara Zocchi,whereas the music will be reproduced via a windup carillon playing specially composed music by Ludovico Einaudi. The animated drawings for the book are by Valerio Berruti, whereas the paper engineering is being handled by Dario Cestaro, a point of reference for all pop-up enthusiasts.

The exhibition is promoted and organized by MAXXI Museo nazionale della arti del XXI secoloin conjunction with the Festa del Cinema di Romaand supported and sponsored by Lavazza.
This animated short film, produced by Valerio Berruti and Sky Arte, with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte – Short Film Fund,will be shown onSky Arte (channels 120 and 400) onSunday October 20th at 9 PM.