– Sito ufficiale di Valerio Berruti –
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installation of 5 cast sculptures Duomo Square, Verona from September 20th to November 15th 2016   5 aluminium sculptures 3 metres high form a virtual cathedral, a work combining architecture with sculpture, poetry with experience. Just Kids is Valerio Berruti’s latest monumental project: a circle of children with their arms raised to the heavens, forming […]

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IL SENTIERO e altre filastrocche (en)

Friday, October23th 2015 at 6,45 PM Bookstore La Torre, Via Vittorio Emanuele 19G – Alba (CN) presentation of the book of Gianmaria Testa and Valerio Berruti (Gallucci publisher) Gianmaria Testa suggests something very close to the idea of the world saved by children. It is an invitation to shake off the weight of habits and […]

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Given the numerous requests to visit it, Berruti opens the doors to the public of the seventeenth-century church in order to present the monumental work Just Kids: 5 sculptures made in aluminum that make up a virtual cathedral in which the viewer can enter. The architecture blends with the sculpture as well as the poetry […]